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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 3, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: where it does show some activity to the north that is was going to be tracking in our direction over the course of the day-to-day giving us by this afternoon the chance of some light rain from the bay here was the break down for you the forecast as to get ready for the kids to get to school to the
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judge was still build cold side of the 32 low 40's is want to be pretty chilling by three this afternoon school catalpa and a slab where north bay and hear some showers. >>robin winston: getting on to
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the new east choose and after that is much lighter the drive times continues to increase when supplement from the maze to the west bombs i went will continue to track the driver on the bay area to conduct a summer travel time for the. east and south the coming the >>darya: top store where days with combustible and one broncos player was sent home practice what safety ryan murphy had ties to the bay area after prostitution investigation >>reporter: of this season is over they have since come back to colorado take a listen to what this all happened a gas station in san jose and according to the santa clara sheriff's office they say he was
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not involved deputies say what the relationship was for the man who was cited with the broad goals his return to denver but his status has not changed at this time and just about an hour the broncos are scheduled to have a press conference about this incident will be here.
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>>mark: there is many as 60 federal state and local agencies involved in the security effort not only would there be a ground security but from the air and 15 pilots with the california national guard will be standing by on game day in training today, security secretary j johnson will be visiting the area this afternoon to talk with the nfl about the security plan. >>darya: we have you covered it with have all the information on our website >>mark: the oakland alameda taunting is hosting another special meeting to talk or
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renewing the lease agreement his voice frustration over the city's efforts to build on the football with the selling and spoke with former ceo who was with the team for 25 years the team to stay in oakland she believes is the answer for the afternoon and drop the day and bring you in the update when come to the neutral and is spread by mosquitoes but we have on it is not the on the concern
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the virus poses a future threat to 63 percent of people living in the united states the world cup organization declared a public health emergency and the virus is spreading rapidly this causes severe developmental issues and sometimes death and sacked the patients report have no symptoms at all there have been six confirmed cases in california but none of them were contracted here. >>darya: their work with the university to make sure of the students are vaccinated the bacteria is carried in the throat and transmitted through saliva in mucous the symptoms include fever and nausea and rations public affairs and the
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university staff on to share more details about this meningitis cases during a news conference later on. >>darya: and is one person was killed in the crash and multiple cars will involve a settler was issued for all the southbound lanes the road reopened around 11:00 last night police have identified the suspect accused of stabbing a chp officer in the neck and san francisco's south of market neighborhood. >>mark: is near the essex tree on the webers the officer from the man standing in front of the homeless encampment the said competition quickly escalated into our for one of the officers ran after him and realized a partner was not with convict
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turned around and saw the officer was injured and especially from the man and you recovered the knife and he was forced as a general and on the resurgent and is expected to build this is alamo square park which is popular for the painted ladies will close about seven months starting in late april or early may the project cost more than $4 million will be updated the irrigation system mecca wrestles more accessible and worked on water conservation they're expected to save more than 3 million gal. of water a year. >>darya: the affordable care actors want to stay in place in least through president obama final term that fell to override
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his veto of the bill the was repealed key provisions of of ron carey it also would have stripped federal funding from planned parenthood gop house leaders said they knew that their record to lose the vote they're hoping to use this to the republican president. >>darya: women should also be required to register for the draft just like a man the defense promised to restrictions last year and had barred women from combat jobs and hearing was held on, that women yesterday in the record official said every american who was physically qualified man or woman should register for the draft that said matter should be put to a national debate the car drive system requires only man with a is a 1826 to live and you must register. >>mark: passenger say they heard
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an explosion in the cabin just after takeoff the pilot was able to turn the plane around and land safely two people were injured and there are some reports that explosive residue was found near the damage on the plane and $2 million home has to be destroyed in san francisco because the crown was unstable because of the water main break said the concerns and the south after man is killed by a falling tree was being done to keep people in the area safe.
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>>darya: californians fell short of the mandatory team practice and water cut in december they're out with a number and they found californians use a 10 percent less water in december than the same time 2013 they say we're still on course to beat or at least meet the long-term conservation go we have saved 25.5% since demanded was issued last june. >>mark: they conducted the
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survey listed in from the snowpacks and hundred and 14% of the supplies dropped the third of california wineries as it melts and the spring and summer in need to be at hundred and 50% of average and a pro in order for to make any dent in the historic for your trout thanks to ron off all the rain and doubled the normal gene were a windfall it is now at hundred and 4% of average for this time a year and local business owners are terrell along with the rising water levels there's also been arise in business even though folsom lake has risen 44 ft. over the past on the water level is still on a 54%.
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>>james: taken a look at temperatures some recalled the spots of thing, and those that these expenses in the east and south bend there is a lot of when to mix things up the cold air to the chance to settle that is why we have 34 degrees in places like president carter said but it agrees to let more antioch 35 and fairfield in the south the bay looking at a group of 394 fremont san jose 38 in sunnyvale it is a chilly start. >>james: if you're not prepared it will take you back make sure your bundle up as your heading off to school and work this morning this turn to feature
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cast for all want to run to the animation beginning of school and the commute to some calls of had no time also find not to worry about lunch as a ticket for 3:00 the not been missing some light scattered showers of that point the rest of the bay area and the next couple of all was to start systems scattered rain still lie in nature but the east bay south of the peninsula it goes very wide at that point with the light bring change in the next not on the 5:00 p.m..
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>>james: thursday and beyond the cost great dry weather and things the unseasonably warm as head toward a super bowl weekend. >>robin winston: was about 92 san mateo bridge it will be slow starts way back off and on to foster city and this is the ride with ticket least two to five minutes out to 117 mattel were also track and a lot of slack traffic one of the worst
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commute for contra costa county from concord to present a walnut creek is one to be off and on the to danville without any major problems clocking engines on the third minutes.
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>>jeff bush: this is video of the seine from the helicopter partnership with abc said the news on to the afternoon the city of san jose which manages the park lost an investigation into the accident at this point that on a wide tree can down possible causes include wonder whether in rows of the bay to to storms or the trees and have been writing from the inside the city inspector the trunk is to the eucalyptus it checked other nearby trees he says he and his neighbors have been warning about this tree and others in the park for a while is also
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concerned because barriers to creek park is very popular with kids this is going to have a second arbors come out of this week and want to know for sure why the tree fall over so they keep it from happening again. >>darya: the time to pump water out of the sodden hillside where $2 million home on the hill had to be demolished last week because a status lighted and became too dangerous to think that a broken water may have cost the hill to the sliding in the first place so they will be installing a deep watering well and that hill today to nearby homes are sent to the van with a face of the problems the san francisco
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public utilities commission first found the water main break on saturday it had broken just up the street from the home that had to be torn down the senate does not know how long the war had been pouring out. of that out >>mark: mechanic told reporters yesterday that he thinks some voters to have been disappointed that he did not go to the debate the businessman came in second to texas senator, denies contest after placing first and multiple poles his skip the debate because of the issue head of fox news more rigid political
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nose ran call is announcing that he suspended his republican presidential campaign cvs pharmacy and target our fish it time the not the first joint location open today and charlotte n.c. this at the cbs purchased the target pharmacy business back in june. >>darya: expects to see some changes at the target stores and the bay area pharmacies are going to stay open during the
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transition >>mark: and into the twin the driver and a group of bikers involving of the and hear the
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person who shot this video store with an incident involving the bikers and blue as you being after exchanging hand signals the bikers drove off and that is in the driver of the trucks as the nets to truck in the biker's path the will be almost crashed and the driver of the tropical had concealed weapons permit passage which escalated both men accused each other of provoking the incident the writer who shot the video said he turned on the different over to police. >>darya: coming up with our tracking test on the continent
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moving into the bay area.
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>>mark: ever will has an opinion about goes on to win on sunday experts are as old montana heat
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pack the pinnacle of the backaches and he won with the broncos over the panthers this at a direct descendant of like it is a decision he always did not know what to do hey did correctly pick up the patriots won last. >>darya: gritty the wrong hot that put couple of pieces of corn and from the flax and they decided which one he went for i think the picture of the past the scare them will have some
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ran for this afternoon cold temperature is a gridlock and shot from the golden gate bridge right behind me is jerry rice a few moments ago we spoke to his partner ronnie lott hear what he has to say about the super bowl and the charities benefiting with the game in town.
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>>james: he use the mobile application with the report and but and fantastic keep those packages come in he is not the only one local to the spectacular colors here the clouds as seen from space that is because of my son ryan's the
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temperatures in the mid fifties at that point is one to the cow and a pretty good when we hit the maximum meet today with a bit of the fifties we are expecting in the north that that our. >>robin winston: it is through the maze and is not as bad on the bridge on a san jose into
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cupertino it would take two to three minutes and the guadalupe parkway jammed up and up about from 85 to 1 01 look for the usual stop and go traffic. >>darya: there was a lot going on in san francisco you to celebrate before the big game when of those without the yes to that and where pricing and we told you we want the building he
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showed the passion that he showed what he was playing. >>: it is a super bowl and raise that much money we raise a with a $10 million will give back to the community and $30 million
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would not have been in this community without having this opportunity to have a suitable that is why i am excited.
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>>will tran: we're so despised as soon as he is done this said they would try to talk to us see what they have to say about san francisco. >>mark: in addition to commercial is minutes 1500 private planes are expected to
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bay area airports this week there will be split among the three bay area airports with focusing the most flights that they an nfl had to identify how much traffic each airport can handle oakland airport expected around 500 private jets at the the the game sfo expect lamont to on the private jet to his agents will be on hand to help keep the lines of security moving they expect most of the private jets to leave on monday after super bowl 50.
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>>mark: town trust elements of dna from the victim 12 wide base marines the coast guard and is a reporter the chapa collided with the marine letter said it is still under investigation. >>darya: 43 your benjamin the west was shot and killed some time last month they are giving out fliers with information on
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this and they're offering a $2,500 were for information that leads to unrest. >>mark: the gun that was used to install on from the federal agents' car and october 3rd draft just look down from an officer of it would give new eviction protections to teachers and to families with children in school legislation prevents landlords from evicted teachers to work a san francisco schools. >>darya: to protect families with children from being evicted from the school year will
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slacken submitted a proposal. >>darya: could cavan durant to be a warrior with that work and what would have to give.
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>>mark: families will still wait for passengers with disabilities and active duty military personnel who uniform the company spokesman said they're trying to simplify the voting process with the spokesman says going back to the old policy is the right thing to do.
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>>darya: cookies in part so that will have the main cabin that imposed an attractive profit recently because of the nickel and diming. >>james: we have some land and in this direction some of it already turning to snow let's zoom in here and how we have some nice condition available for if you're heading up to speak with more snow on the way in fact a look at the small bomb to ski
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report. >>james: back with more in a minute after world according to goering.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>gary: we had to do our early morning did home and it was monday a lot of people have you noticed the jets already have a
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guide now. >>darya: what about if you are
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able to go somewhere will see what happened this summer i'm going to share one with you because we're friends. >>gary: cavan when you're one of the best five best players in the world why would you want to take less money and come in bees steph curry is step down sidekick.
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>>gary: if they happen to go to the playoffs and fall on the second round the warriors then i can sing not a panic move but we did not get done if he wants to compare the to go get help if you make to the finals and go on one another title i don't think you would want to mess it.
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>>gary: i find they are cheap and stubborn here to stores to prove a harrah's a player they're making him pay to have his one week old baby to go to the game they're making him pay a $200 he is allowed to tickets he has to pay for a one week old baby the nfl is cheap and stubborn they're making 7
7:50 am
billion and profit they know will not pay when men dollars to someone who has the only remaining topping of saw the ball one know has ever seen that he has attacked, but they won't pay him for is the only copy
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they don't want to make it down and they said you can't sell it to anyone. >>darya: if you make billions and you have something has to like the first goering ever and history in the vault i feel like if they're being stubborn and they're being cheap i feel
7:52 am
like they're making billions in they won't give in and-this is the common thing his father left him from 1967. >>darya: if you want to be from the nfl you're fine.
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>>darya: some of the bid faces everyone stargazing because everyone is in town one of the biggest case of a football jerry rice in san francisco. . >>darya: no one noticed and recognized him.
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>>darya: we give everyone their college colors i will give you a hundred thousand for that picture there is a famous producer. >>darya:see you later.
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>>: if you drive drunk you simply put our short side to utterly useless oxygen wasting human form of pollution.
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>>mark: it is part of a super bowl campaign and is the first time in more than a decade and they're doing it and tied on driving spot during the game will be right back with top stories with weather and traffic.
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>> will: at the super bowl media center i just met jerry rice to see what he has to say. >> james: i am keeping my eye on a storm system to see when the rain will arrive.
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>> mark: there's a building fire in union city. >> darya: it broke out around 6:00 a.m. and it appears that this power they have it out. >> mark: these pictures are coming in from a fire officials and they say no one was in the building. no cause is unknown. >> robin: drive times are very high.
8:02 am
>> james: this live look from space shows us the rain on the way. is getting closer and closer by the hour. eventually it will arrive here around the bay. at 8:00 you make sure you grab the code because it is cold because we're seeing the upper thirties to low '40's. by the noon hour we are in the '50s and by 3:00 we will probably see some rain also into the 5:00 and 6:00 hours. >> robin: the ride into san
8:03 am
francisco is very slow even though there are no major problems to the unusual back up . the westbound 80 is now looking much better. it is not bad on the span and all the traffic is behind the pace gapes.--a gates--pay gates. >> darya: there is a denver
8:04 am
broncos training player who was sent home because he was caught in a prostitution epstein.-- sting. >> reporter: the denver broncos are planning to address this problem. this is a gas station where it happened. the player
8:05 am
was sent back to denver even though he was not cited by police when he was caught with one man and one woman it. >> mark: police will be in full force on super bowl game day. they are ready for a bomb with canine units and other bomb detection equipment. >> darya: the california national guard will also be in the air to practice to stop an
8:06 am
attack during the super bowl game. anything you need to know about the super bowl is on kron-4-dot- com. >> mark: the first case of zika virus was actually spread by a a sexual act rather than the being caught by a mosquito. >> darya: this virus is sweeping through central and south america. >> mark: this virus has been linked to a birth disorder causing a very small had in infants. there has been six
8:07 am
confirmed cases in california. >> mark: we are tracking severe weather across the nation with video coverage. >> darya: this plane had to make a landing with this a big hole in it.
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my name is melissa snyder, i'm a customer relationship manager with pg&e.
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i've helped customers like plantronics meet their energy efficiency goals. so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california.
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>> robin: i am tracking your commute on the 580 to the san rafael bridge. they're no major hot spots for the north bay. >> darya: rand all is dropping out of the race since he has never caught on with voters. he is expected to return all of his attention to his senate reelection campaign.
8:11 am
>> darya: donald trump came second to ted cruise after the iowa caucuses. >> if i had to do it again i would have been the exact same thing. why does not regret this? i raised $6 million for the veterans in one hour. >> mark: donald trump's net now says that ted the crews did not win but he stole the iowa caucus.
8:12 am
>> darya: hillary clinton won the iowa caucus by one 10th of 8% against bernie sanders. kron 4 news will cover the election and upcoming we will talk about the weather and the rain and the drought. >> james: here is a live look outside. we see the clouds with rain on the way. and this boiler lawyer: the drought is still here
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>> mark: and the planes including i was there was of blanket of snow about 1 ft. thick. >> james: our rain will be nothing like that. the extended forecast looks pretty dry and we will look and talk more about that.
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>> james: we will actually have some pockets of warmth. and this will be a good thing because i haven't had a chance to win the --wash my car. >> james: the temperatures have been hovering in the upper 30s and mid-30s. first we are still cold throughout the area. the trend now is beginning to attract upward and will continue to monitor this.
8:17 am
>> james: we're also tracking our rain. you can see right here that it is coming closer and closer. >> james: what you can expect is at the light rain start, and in the north bay and working down. there is a high surf morning beginning at 7:00 p.m. which will go through tomorrow into friday morning. we also have a coastal wind to deal with. >> james: today we will max out in the upper 50s with rain later
8:18 am
today. tomorrow we will be dry and warming up through the weekend. >> robin: traffic is looking pretty good out there with no major hot spots. on day hundred 80 over cross i can see fitting . this means your commute into san francisco is improving. >> robin: through the toll plaza and at the peninsula you
8:19 am
will simply have to deal with slow traffic even though we have not had major problems. >> robin: i'm still track mean drive * times. no major crashes for the nimitz freeway. from palo to send mateo along the of 101 is pretty good. >> mark: an investigation is going on about this huge eucalyptus tree falling undemanding killing him.
8:20 am
officials still did not know what caused the tree to fall. >> we're trying to find out their other trees that even might be a risk. allotted time so you simply cannot know from the outside what is happening on the inside. >> mark: the city's planning on having a second arborist go visit the city this week. >> darya: 8 $2 million home had to be demolished last week. it started sliding and eliciting just live and. engineers say at
8:21 am
the homes were said to live and but now there are other problems. >> some areas have gone down 4 in. and of course we're worried every day. >> darya: the city does not know how long the water has been pouring out. >> darya: investigators say that there is no criminal attack evidence in an explosion recently in somalia. the platte pilot was able to turn the plane around where the explosion had taken place and land the plane safely. >> mark: we now know who will be
8:22 am
singing the anthem at the super bowl. >> darya: way the guy got will now be singing and who knows what she will wear?--lady gaga. >> mark: there was a ground hog
8:23 am
in carolina he chose the denver broncos to beat the carolina panthers in the super bowl. >> darya: on sunday from 7 to 10:00 a.m. we will all be here for the super bowl. >> mark: we will take a look at the puppies on demand service coming up.
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>> mark: today you can get to uber for puppies. >> darya: when you see the puppies and you get to hold them that you will definitely by one of--adopt one. you get 50
8:27 am
minutes of cuddling but it is limited. >> mark: some of the puppies you can adopt but others will be available to earn money for the agency. >> james: this sounds like a blast but denied do with your kids around. >> james: the clouds are already here and we will talk about the rain coming up. >> will: i selling jerry rice that you might want to go undercover. what he will talk
8:28 am
about on valentine's day and on the super bowl is coming up.
8:29 am
the >> darya: we're taking a look at
8:30 am
weather and traffic right now. >> robin: it is packed on the nimitz impact on this and the two bridges. >> james: your afternoon home and evening ride home will have rained. it is colder now around the bay. >> james: will be talking to a will tran here. the temperatures are 53 running time at around 3:00 will have some light rain
8:31 am
with temperatures rep maxine out around 56. >> james: we will hold on to the rain chance through the 9:00 p.m. hour. if you are in super bowl city there's a chance to will be rain god. >> robin: traffic is looking at better and it is thinning alkyl little bit. the 101 is still slow north and south. we are
8:32 am
improving but is still slow. >> robin: here is your southbound drive time with 40 minutes on the nimitz. >> darya: a lot of big names are in town because of the super bowl. >> will: for there are a lot of people in town and there are a lot of people who live in town to jerry rice. i did not have
8:33 am
anything arranged with jerry rice i just tracked him down. here is jerry rice driving people around town. go well that is jerry rice and his acting career. that was lit and he
8:34 am
might do it again. he is talking about the super bowl and valentine's day and acting. go well those rain that is promoted by kyes and jewelers. >> this is a cut simmering in something you have to guard-- customer rate in the and that something you have to earn-- custom ring. >> will: it has been 30 years
8:35 am
since the super bowl has been in the bay area. >> san francisco you can jump over to so many places and there's so much going on. i'm going to stay neutral and then hoping for a good game. >> will: i got a picture of
8:36 am
jerry rice and be doing a selfie. this will probably never happen again. >> mark: bay area airports are getting an influx because of the super bowl. 1500 private planes are expected in the bay area this weekend. the faa and the nfl are working together to determine how many people will be there. >> we will give them priority and try to not affect their operations. >> mark: oakland it is
8:37 am
expecting around 500 objects-- objects--jets. airport officials well expect most private planes to leave on monday. >> darya: we it will cover wear to be and what to do for the super bowl. >> mark: airlines are turning back the clock. >> darya: you can see the
8:38 am
richmond and san rafael bridges are booking pretty dead.
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> mark: united airlines is going back to an old policy for:p families with small children get to board first. the drop this policy in 2012 butter
8:41 am
now bringing it back. as spokesperson said they're trying to simplify the boarding process. >> darya: it does not cost them anything to do this. american airlines will give cookies and pretzels for free for a long time. >> darya: of beef blood before
8:42 am
--the airlines are now all providing more instead of nickeling and diming us to death. >> darya: target is trends is named to letting the cvs pharmacy be inside the target. >> robin: it is getting better coming out of oakland and we will talk about the zero mays and the westbound sky way.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> james: it was really cold this morning and did some places
8:45 am
when the. bundle up if you are at the coast and even that inland valley. we do have rained on track for work later today. conditions will stay like what they are with sun shining clouds for half of the day and then that the clouds and rain will come. we have thirties' around the bay right now. >> james: here's what we're seeing from space. we see some clouds here. this is the front we're watching for today and in
8:46 am
fact there is some rain. >> james: it o'clock this morning we're singing exactly the same but by 3:00 things will change with pop-up showers. a couple hours later this system will bring it scattered light rain through almost but the entire bay. this will come during the commute to home. that is the story with the raid today which is an afternoon the evening even. >> james: we have a high surf
8:47 am
advisories in effect starting a 7:00 p.m.. and will go all the way through friday morning. >> james: we have temperatures macs now in the mid to upper 50s. temperatures will be going up to 60 degrees by sunday on the super bowl days. and then that potentially at the lower '70s by next week. >> james: up in tahoe and the sears we're seeing plenty of snow with good power--power--
8:48 am
powder. >> robin: from west grand through the toll plaza to san rafael it is not that bad to the sky way. >> robin: coming from the east shore freeway through san paulo from the mesa the skyway is out looking good. if you are coming from the north bay at drive times are 15 minutes across the bridge into the toll plaza. to
8:49 am
get into the maze it is not bad . 237 the westbound is still packed. >> mark: californians failed again to cut down 25% of water usage. this marks the third month in a row that california has a vested this savings mark
8:50 am
--mixed--miussed the savings goal. >> mark: the snowpack needs about one-third of california's reservoir levels. >> darya: things are looking good for folsom lake although everywhere else is looking bad. >> mark: search and rescue teams and why we're trying to salvage what they can of to
8:51 am
military era helicopters going down. the cause is still under investigation. >> darya: officers have found the man who slashed the throat of a police officer. they found a man standing in front of an homeless escalation in kamen. >> he was stabbed in the upper
8:52 am
torso and upper neck and obviously this is very serious. >> darya: police eventually found a man and recovered the knife. officer has undergone surgery and is expected to survive. >> darya: of bacteria called a meningocacl meningitis is being spread in vaccines are being distributed. >> mark: san francisco city planners are now creating and
8:53 am
ordnance where officers are no longer allowed to leave their firearm and in their car. the ordinance requires a second vote next week. >> mark: there will be in eviction protection from those who work at a school or her job killer center--child care center. >> darya: the house failed to veto president obama this affordable health care act. the
8:54 am
house is hoping to use this to leverage getting the republican and that in the white house. >> darya: a hearing was cheered on limiting combat--and hearing about how women in the military dress will be held. >> mark: bill cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting the woman. bill cosby was in that a court and
8:55 am
that once the charges dropped. >> mark: a california lottery winner is running out of time to collect $63 million. they have until 5:00 this evening to collect the prize. this would be the largest unclaimed prize in the history of the california lottery. ale save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same day delivery. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now.
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>> if you drive drunk, you are ace's selfish coward and a pollution. >> mark: she says that that if you did notice--donated your brain the science of they would give it back. >> darya: a denver broncos
8:58 am
player was sent home after police questioned him in this cam,.
8:59 am
>> reporter: the denver broncos send out--send home one of their players after being caught in a prostitution ring >> will: i will go down super
9:00 am
bowls media row and talk about what will happen to the town when it comes. back
9:01 am
9:02 am
>>robin winston: if you have to use the east shore freeway this impact of traffic out of oakland into an emeryville it is backing up on to the 580 west connector the good news is that after the scene of the crash it will pick up if you have to continue until berkeley it's better after the scene once again in the east. >>darya: a building fire in union sitting the fire broke audubon 6:00 a.m. today and the crews did put it out in this
9:03 am
city boulevard northbound is closed. >>mark: just a few days before the super bowl and won broncos player has been sent home practice water safety ryan murphy had ties to the bay area and there was a prostitution investigation a sting and they decided to send him back to denver. >>reporter: this all happen at a gas station near san jose mirror not for a tree and broke our world according to santa clara county sheriff's office they have been increasing operation since last week the man was
9:04 am
cited and released and all was given accounting resource information. >>: there was disappointment minute of the players here at the santa clara echoing the same sentence st. is a shame. >>mark: it causes a lot of the security changes there will be out for fours with for anything
9:05 am
from to the scalp to potential acts of terrorism as many as 60 federal state and local agencies are involved in the security effort. >>mark: when it comes to the super bowl special section with all the information in the events of the virus is now being
9:06 am
spread through sexual contact the cdc it is come from the first case acquired and the u.s. was transmitted sexually and down this they said the virus has a future threat to 63% it thinks sexually is
9:07 am
transferred as well to santa clara and our system and hospital with meningitis public health officials the work of the university. >>mark: he was open to improve the gop popularity among young voters and minorities is now expected to turn his full attention to the reelection campaign.
9:08 am
9:09 am
>>darya: you concede their fewest percentage points apart on the democratic side there the number of the race was as close as it can get the primaries there happen on tuesday of one person would not be taken part is when paul because he is out of the rings the san francisco home the mouse because it could slide downhill now home to their buy half of the problems we would say what they have to deal with and how they're trying to fix this problem race car or a camel driver pulls a gun on some bikers will show you the scary
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>robin winston: pay close attention as a left-hand side of the screen you can see the emergency crews then with an overtime crash this account to clear direction 80 easton ask avenue several vehicles involved one flick of and is impacting track of both directions that time about the live shot turned out was with over to the map for those of you coming out of oakland 580 a solid from the 24 split the opposite side of the crash was down 80 has traffic crawling out of richmond if you have to you to ensure freeway or five it is a mess will let you know when they hope to have a out of the way.
9:12 am
>>mark: a group of bikers and the drive leading to this road read into the involvement a gun we reported this video and all start with an incident involving the biker in a blue suvs after changing hand gestures the bikers' took off and then as in the driver of the truck said it nudged his truck in one of the bikers popeline almost crashed the driver of the truck who had a concealed weapon and installed may and i pulled my gun out and i was prepared was just that simple but manages it to other of provoking incidents.
9:13 am
>>james: amtrak is in bonn rain you can sit on the radar. you can sit on the radar. de of? ♪ ♪ that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars.
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9:15 am
>>robin winston: and one of the vehicles look over and at one point there was trapped inside the car some clear that case we know that the two right lanes are blocked and traffic is crawling even of this account to commit direction eastbound best to have impact on traffic in the opposite direction traffic is
9:16 am
picking up earlier is bumper-to- bumper from the nimitz all the way out to 101 the drive time is decreasing now is coming in at 15 minutes total from the nimitz come out of an hour to one when connected with no major trouble spot for the peninsula. >>darya: weather update on the drought californians fell short of the mandatory 25 percent water cut in december to officially release the december numbers and from the we used a 10 percent less water and december than the same time the 2013 that marked the third month in a row that we missed the
9:17 am
conservation mark vlasic reservoirs' a still far below the historical averages but not for also make folsom lake has risen 44 ft. over the past month but it could still hold a lot more. >>james: this the second four we
9:18 am
got this morning from someone who forgot to give us the name great looking shot keeps coming in do with this person that use the mobile applications it makes it really easy and as you can see in the show where out of the of the started hovering pretty closely 41 and fanfare which is a fremont 40 in sunnyvale into one of the attack a little while events to the rain will arrive in the bay area but the
9:19 am
probably from 3:00 or so is one we expected to fall as it is getting closer and closer when it arise what can we expect? >>james: most of it will fall probably after 3:00 starting in the north that today we have some pretty strong friend ronald just noontime today and then and should back off in just a little bit faster were will expect some four today will probably max out around 57 degrees again with those afternoon and evening showers it is one to be nice and
9:20 am
warm possible summit next week we talk about 70 degree weather tough >>rob black: when you see all the bad news in the world stock market you almost have to put aside because if we're adding jobs as long as that adds jobs to support the economy is the only economic data due at to live by have things are good but not panic in the match stress 1700 layoffs not a lot of good
9:21 am
news coming out of their $4 billion impairment charged the loss for canfor billion dollars in value for one day and >>rob black: she was using terms like a comic ships we used have bad business social natives she's been saying this for three plus years the board was to sell the company that is what they're saying out loud she wants to fix the company for balfour was a great company now is on to be sold in pieces and parts a lot
9:22 am
of promise not a lot of delivery >>mark: seo said and cancelling the order no tesla for you. >>rob black: he went to the law must unveiling the maddox and is really cool it isn't as u v type vehicle it teaches me be kind to everyone a specimen society and of no some is going to pull the rug out from underneath him what
9:23 am
do you think what general motors? >>rob black: you're going to slow down same thing the general motors to gasoline and have them to sell a lot suvs that one of the here this going on a some point in time when you hit a peak at the bill offers it has to slow down.
9:24 am
>>mark: if you have a question posed to on facebook and will answer will be right back. or humanity allows us to provide the benefits of solar power to the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot, especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it is going to help me have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california.
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9:26 am
for >>darya: $2 million home on the here with the smallest last week the guy had just bought a couple of months earlier but started sliding in this little too dangerous to live than that knocked down they think a broken water main of called the hill to start sliding the commission
9:27 am
first from the water main break on saturday it was just off the street from the home that was demolished it does not know how long the war have been pouring out of that >>mark: they found that women not contain the most material recent study of the rain shows low correlation between how dense or ring might appear in the bottom tier it might contain research on the mass of rain to track this afternoon
9:28 am
like 3:00 season showers will walk through the timing coming out with the systems now to our north will spend more than will have the snow ski report in about 15 minutes. >>will tran: we're live answerable media the man right behind me he inspired the movie jerry require commission will have a live interview the super agent leigh steinberg.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>robin winston: it is still blocking to lands it is the hot spot is really backing up traffic.
9:31 am
>>james: if you're coming into san francisco for super bowl city experienced it is going to be one of those things the stars of nice and that all of the and the rain comes in to play less walk and how should timeout and noontime most applauded the temperature should ride on 53 degrees at 3:00 will bring in the chance to sprinkle the rain will probably be enough at that point sentences on the edge of that by 6:00 tonight between three and six with the expected time to start will appear from star cluster plan that will hold director 9:00 tonight at the festivities are wrapping up the temperature to drop down to low 50s.
9:32 am
>>robin winston: still problems but it looks like the trees that the activity of to the shoulder and that is a good news a quick recap of the location and says the west to bomb because the to the west about camera but is on the eastbound side, to commit win over turned around 843 this morning if you look over to the left-hand side because the lingering activity the bid with a flick of the backed up rotted to write as a back open if you have to use the east it is backed up on a to 58580 is crawling on the twin 4 split it
9:33 am
will impact the ride out oakland. >>robin winston: the commute direction in the opposite is on the right-hand side of this was bound 80 is creeping along finally starting to pick up and down now lost stopped in traffic out of richmond all with the the senate the crash but enough to drive times to 40 minutes just to get from pinole and to the oakland made this. >>darya: we have all the movers and shakers this morning at the super bowl media center and mosconi center. >>will tran: we were in palm
9:34 am
desert and there were the strong safety for the forty-niners who was looking for the agency in. >>will tran: you have sensible and we forgotten how san francisco doing as the host san francisco spectacular thing they're doing themselves really proud the city is gorgeous people to get smiles everywhere you go it is perfectly situated more compact and easy to get to things san francisco is one of
9:35 am
these great tour cities in the world and should be in the rotation is a very difficult thing for player to ever retire but i think he saw his mortality in this passage of them realize he did not want to go wild guess someone who was stumbling at in
9:36 am
canada and the body can only go so long if he wins especially he will go off into the sunset like the end of a moving. >>will tran: show me the money ... >>will tran: in the old days
9:37 am
they want the media to stay i represent virtually all of the talent in the bay area and they would try to sign all of our people long-term. >>will tran: he says news directors will call him into the office and say can we keep her for another 10 years.
9:38 am
>>mark: nfl greta's right receiver went on the cover he gets behind will given rides to unsuspecting customers.
9:39 am
>>mark: he used the name j. as he used keep the tone when have you covered when it comes to the super bowl letter you can watch the a news affected in the clock.
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>robin winston: we're still trapped in a hot spot and overturned crashed on the e sure freeway in the east of aspic avenue this vehicle had the two right lanes blocked they
9:42 am
finally got off to the shoulder that is the good news is still backed up in both directions 580 from two to four westbound 80 still packed coming out of richmond stay with us we will return after the break.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>: this is very interesting one of the man of course was on the run for over eight days a and a quite dramatically this is a very different order to what we've been hearing from authorities during the time on the rhine the subsequent to get a sense of what they were going through an aggressive that anguish and so they basically
9:46 am
said there living in fear of course it is to be killed by police or perhaps killed by one of the man who would escape that prison is a very different narrative whether to put this he was imprisoned in the first flight on a murder charge of
9:47 am
them is giving a very different argument saying that he was not the shooter in that case he did send jump in a letter to the family while he was on the run average scientist goes to the get a copy of that letter. >>james: next week looks pretty
9:48 am
dry and warm as the right to live we have a nice sunny skies and walnut creek macsharry have that jacket here is what the to to our right now still in the upper 30s out near pleasanton observation point might be in the shade but nearby in the awards for one agreed to 44 concord 46 to both open and for san francisco some of it is already here yet to see well to the north in the form of rain and snow of the big high of the timing was talk about a feature cast for was with over to that shows us will have name because the morning commute noontime no
9:49 am
big difference there steer clear of the beach it will be on the dangers of was a quick look at the 74 cast extended outlook attempted double maximum probably read on 57 degrees. >>james: it will start things off by focusing on more rosa hundred and 20 in. of snow and the summit that is pretty nice.
9:50 am
>>robin winston: 80 is that asked avenue that was the location it was an overturned at two mines block it is all off to the shoulder but it is at a crawl in both directions which made it yet to use the east shore freeway is wanted tough right to look at the westbound traffic and that is impacting the west to bomb other for commit effectively brenda get to the caldecott of the oakland side all the heavy traffic is pulling over to 24 we are tracking and the trouble spot the nimitz freeway and the crash
9:51 am
29 avenue block in the far left lane president obama about to make his first visit to america moscow as president is said to visit his mom to cited baltimore and hold a roundtable commend to members of the speech will focus on the need to speak out against bigotry and to reject the difference from has visited moscow overseas but never won during his presidency here in the united states president obama became the first sitting president to speak at is really interesting. >>darya: his or on the
9:52 am
renovated to be set against earthquakes federal buildings after being a press with the latest against earthquakes this that this will make them safer on the cost of recovering the white house is working to make sure that the government money is available for recovery efforts will be back with more us to live look outside some high clouds over the bay bridge
9:53 am
very few cars.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>mark: he was questioned in connection with the prostitution sting he was detained yesterday and he was present during the boston gas station but it would not charged with anything it was released after investing in a term he was not involved in criminal activities the virus is now being spread through sexual conduct to the concept of the cdc is confirming the first case acquired in the u.s. and transmitted sexually and dallas it is useless spread by mosquitoes that said they posted a future threat to 63 percent of people living in the u.s. medical and public emergency and is spreading quickly.
9:56 am
>>mark: will have renshaw was on this evening for the rain for quite awhile drying out and warming up nice weather and to the ball sunday and are refunded during the game and dry weather for next week.
9:57 am
>>darya: we have special coverage on the big game they will all be here followed by a newscast and the sports night live edition we hope that would join us for the big game. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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